Like many great ideas, the concept for Craft Automation began with a couple friends talking shop while enjoying a few shift beers. Working as an engineer at a microbrewery Craft's Founder and Director, Ryan Stockinger, recognized the need for reducing the amount of time brewer's had to spend doing simple and mundane tasks so that they could get back to engaging with the most interesting and exciting aspects of the brewing process. As the conversation continued, a solution began to take shape.

Craft Automation developed from the need for an economical automation company that understood the brewing process and craft culture. With our years of engineering and technical expertise in both the corporate and craft trade, we hope to ease your workload by providing the knowledge and benefits of process automation.

At Craft Automation, we want you to focus on what you do best. We're continually inspired by the care, quality, and effort brewers, distillers and winemakers put into their products and have witnessed firsthand how creativity and passion can lead to amazing growth and success in the industry. We want to help you get back the flexibility, freedom and time to be creative.


let us develop THE SOLUTION YOU NEED.  

We've had the opportunity to integrate our automation solutions in breweries, distilleries and wineries throughout the world. Creating a tailored automation solution that fits your unique needs and systems is our goal. Dedicated to building lasting relationships and pushing the industry forward, let us show you how we can work together to improve your practices and keep you creative!

Our Tools. Your Trade. That's Craft Automation.

The Craft Automation Team