Case Study: Begyle Brewing Company



Begyle Brewing Company was experiencing an exploding demand for their amazing craft beer, and as a result needed to expand brewing operations. Because of Begyle’s limited time and labor resources, they called upon Craft Automation. As a result, controls for cellar process, extend mobility outside the brewery, and consistent monitoring of critically needed product were installed. With the knowledge and support of Craft Automation, Begyle Brewing was able to:

Stay Connected

The team at Begyle was spending an excessive amount of time at the brewery working on mundane and repetitive tasks. The Craft panel offered them the ability to control the cellar from outside the brewery and reduce labor costs. As a result the team was able to manage their cellar temperatures from the bar, the office, or even at home.

Gain Flexibility

Begyle’s success meant every drop of beer was critical in extending customer base and continued growth. The Cellar Control Panel provided an economical and efficient method of continuously monitoring their product temperatures. Furthermore, addition of continuous data logging gave their quality control department another method of tracking quality and as process consistency.

Stay Consistent

Begyle’s original setup involved individual temperature controllers on each vessel. Consequently, this process was time-consuming and furthermore lacked the feedback and security required for success. Craft’s Cellar Control Panel improved the cellar process by consolidating each of the tank controls into a centralized HMI touchscreen, increasing accuracy of product temperatures. As a bonus, the automated tank scheduling programming gave brewers the ability to manage the cellar within their regular schedule.




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