Case Study: malt handling



Malt Handling, a Chicago-based company, offers grain handling solutions to Craft beer and distilling industries. Their business was growing rapidly, and the complexity of their equipment was also evolving. Quickly they realized the need for a system control package. One offering the advanced functionality required to increase their customer’s ease of use, safety, and communication. After working with Craft Automation, Malt Handling was able to:

Stay Connected

Malt Handling’s control solutions were designed around a manual process, which requires constant customer interaction, movement, and monitoring. As the complexity of their equipment grew, so did the need for a solution offering a turnkey automated experience. Craft was able to automate the entire grain handling process and interfaced the controls through a centralized HMI touchscreen display.

Gain Flexibility

Malt Handling’s growth was proving difficult to manage. In turn, customer service became much more reactive than the team felt was acceptable. Craft Automation’s control panel gave the team the ability to continuously monitor and even manage their systems from the office. Additionally, email and text notifications let Malt Handling know and understand a system problem, even before the customer could pick up the phone.

Expand and Grow

Safety is always the top priority for the Malt Handling group. The team knew the current control setup could be drastically improved, but did not have the internal resources to act. Hence the commission of Craft Automation to integrate the latest in NEC electrical safety codes into their newest motor control. The result allowed Malt Handling to continue to offer the latest in safety technology.




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