Case Study: watermark brewing Company



Watermark Brewing Company was in the market for a brewhouse system to keep taps flowing at their new Stevensville brewery. They selected a local brewhouse manufacturer to produce the mechanical portion of the system but still required Craft Automation to provide the industry expertise, reliability, and service needed to excel in the increasingly competitive craft market. Working together, we helped them:

Gain Flexibility

The team driving the Watermark Brewing Company had an obsession with creating the best beer possible. They knew the recipes and ingredients but quickly came to realize that someone with industry experience would be critical in bringing those creations to life. The engineers at Craft Automation used their years of experience within the brewing industry to integrate tried and true brewing standards, critical automation to improve process control, and accurate feedback of brewhouse information. As a result, the Watermark team on the right track without any costly learning experiences.

Stay Consistent

Watermark growing popularity was evident even before the doors opened. This meant every drop of liquid was critical in establishing and servicing their customer base. They did not have the luxury of downtime and Craft Automation was able to guarantee their brewhouse control panel would keep them up and running. At Craft, we only use electrical components proven in the field through countless hours of use. We purchase all equipment through local vendors, meaning items are on the shelf and ready to be installed when needed.

Expand and Grow

Watermark wanted to be involved with every aspect of the brewery construction. Their focus was on selecting suppliers wanting to establish a relationship rather than just a quick sale. Furthermore, reliability is essential, but the brewing process is laborious and can be brutal on equipment. Equipment breakdown is an inevitability. Watermark needed a company able to pick up the phone and find a solution. At Craft Automation, we want to see your business succeed, even after the install.




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