Hours of dreaming, sourcing, mashing, and crafting are done and your perfectly well-balanced beer creation is near completion. Now the only thing that stands between your masterpiece and consumers is fermentation. For more details, read the additional content below! 


  • Smartphone, Computer, and Tablet Access from Anywhere with Internet
  • Alarm Logs and Continuous Data Tracking
  • Email and Text Notifications
  • Corrosion Resistant Watertight Enclosure
  • Craft Industry Tested Fermentation Software and Hardware
  • cUL 508a Certification
  • 12" Full Color Touchscreen Display
  • Industry Required Safety Hardware
  • High Visibility Fault Notification


  • Automated Temperature Control
  • Vessel Status Tags
  • Easy Setpoint Scheduling
  • Monitoring and Control of Glycol Chiller System
  • Automated Crash and Rise Scheduling
  • Pressure, Gravity, pH, and Carb Monitoring Capabilities
  • Additional Customization Options