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Enhancing Food & Beverage Production with Advanced Automation

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Transform Your Food and Beverage Business with Cutting-Edge Solutions from Craft Automation

Craft Automation revolutionizes the industry with its state-of-the-art food and beverage automation solutions. We cater to the entire production process, from processing and packaging to utility and distribution systems. We aim to provide personalized, efficient, and reliable automation solutions that optimize your operations and meet your unique business needs.

Benefits of Food and Beverage Process Automation

Automating your production processes with Craft Automation brings numerous advantages:


Enhanced Efficiency
Streamline operations, minimize waste, and boost productivity.


Consistent Quality
Achieve uniform quality and safety in every batch.

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction
Lower operational costs through reduced labor and energy consumption.


Easily expand your production capabilities to meet growing market demands.

Our Food and Beverage Automation Solutions

At Craft Automation, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to the food and beverage industry:


Systems integration

At Craft Automation, we don't just build for the brewing industry. Automation has many potential applications. We're always looking for new ways to integrate our controls into other sectors. Our industrial control panels and process automation can benefit a variety of trades and processes. We can provide automation solutions to numerous industries such as agriculture, hydroponics, greenhouses, smokehouses, dairy, and more. And with our UL 508A certification, be confident that our panels comply with verified and certified safety standards. AUTOMATION POTENTIAL AND CAPABILITY FEATURES: + Update code + Replace old PLC's + Integrate new hardware + Make adjustments and modifications to add new processes or adjust for new requirements + Integrate and automate new equipment with existing equipment

panel building

Do you have a process or system you would like automated? And increase your production quality control and process? While decreasing time and labor costs and ensuring higher safety standards and regulations? The Craft Automation Team would love to hear about your business and how we can help provide you with an automation solution that can help improve your production, quality, and product. Remember, automation isn't a dirty word. We're here to help you make the most out of your business by automating the mundane so you can get back to the more important and involved aspects of your business. AUTOMATION CAPABILITY FEATURES: +Higher Production Rates, Increased Productivity and Greater Efficiency +Improved Product Quality, Lower Labor Costs, and Reduced Lead Times +Systematically Calculated Programmed Process and Production +Increased Process Control and Safety +Relief of Hazardous Labor Conditions +Alarm and Fault Notifications



Our customized automation solutions are tailored to meet your unique operational needs and objectives. Flexible engineering and programming allow us to design systems that perfectly fit your packaging requirements. Whether you’re dealing with intricate or straightforward food packaging automation processes, Craft Automation ensures efficiency, reliability, and top-tier performance, helping you meet production demands and maintain high standards.


Stop lugging around heavy sacks and fighting with scales. Let Craft Automation simplify your process by automating your grain handling equipment. Our control panel connects all the moving pieces of your breweries into one digital touchscreen. Accurate measurement of raw materials is vital in any application process, so we've created a centralized operation for all your grain handling needs. The system offers advantages like inventory tracking, programmable mill gap control, and recipe control for crush and flowrate. For multiple silos, we engineer the system to pull and track grain from numerous storage units while monitoring different grain varieties and volumes. The Grain Handling System can integrate with our Brewhouse and Fermentation Control systems. Additional customization options are also available to fit your personalized process. AUTOMATION CAPABILITY FEATURES: +Inventory Tracking +Central Operation for Multiple Weighing Devices +Flowscale, Loadcell, and Weigh Hopper Compatible +Programmable Mill Gap Control +Single Button Process Automation +Recipe Control for Crush and Flowrate

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Looking for a reliable way to ensure nutrients, fluids, chemicals, and more are being dispensed at the appropriate quantities and at the appropriate times? Without spending the time, energy, and labor of performing the same monotonous task every day to ensure quality? Craft Automation can create unique automation controls, no matter how big or small your operation is, that can help you cut back the time and labor you're investing when tending and maintaining a product that requires precision and attention. With the unlimited capabilities of automation solutions, you can literally "set it and forget it" for autonomous control with the assurance that your real-time practices are being overseen by a stable and predictable automation system. AUTOMATION CAPABILITY FEATURES: +Scheduled Monitoring and Dosing of Solutions, +Nutrients, Chemicals and More +Control and Regulation of Dosing Levels and Measurements +User Set Parameters for Dosing Levels and Supplies +Automated Control and Monitoring of Single or Multiple Dosing Inputs and Configurations +Sensor Integration and Configuration for Multiple Dosing Configurations and Settings +Pump and Motor Control and Monitoring +Fault and Alarm Setpoints and Notifications +Graphical Trending Data Logging


Craft Automation offers automated fermentation solutions that manage, monitor, and standardize this process from knockout to packaging. Our options range from single-unit manual controllers to fully automated digital touchscreen panels with remote access and recipe scheduling. Fault and alarm notifications ensure your operation stays within set parameters. Our automated temperature control solutions help save time, money, and energy while boosting production and quality control.



Our controls are compatible with electric heaters, gas, or steam, and can manage boilers, hot liquor tanks, mixing stations, mash tuns, and fermentation vessels. Automate heating and cooling loops, dephlegmators, condensers, pumps, agitators, and more, regardless of your distillery's size. Our systems ensure precise control, enhancing both efficiency and product quality. With Craft Automation, you get dynamic, scalable distillery automation solutions that simplify operations and optimize your distilling processes for consistently excellent results.


At Craft Automation, we understand the unique skills, passion, and creativity each brewer brings to their craft. Our extensive experience in various brewery automation solutions enables us to engineer tailored automation solutions. We help streamline and enhance your brewing process, ensuring efficiency and consistency. Whether you need to modernize outdated technology or establish system-wide connectivity, our solutions are designed to meet your specific needs.

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Craft Automation provides control solution options for various aspects of the hydroponic industry, including growing and extraction processes. Our custom engineering and programming are capable of monitoring and controlling precise processes and operations. As well as provide critical alert notifications, data logging, and graphical trending data chart displays for quality monitoring and control. AUTOMATION CAPABILITY FEATURES: +Automation For Hydroponics and/or Soil or other Non-Nutritive Substrates +Reservoir Monitoring and Maintenance +Chiller Integration with Temperature and Humidity Monitoring and Control and Thermometer and Hygrometer Readouts +On/Off Control of Fans, Air Conditioning, Humidifiers, and Dehumidifiers +Ventilation features including Intake/Exhaust Power, Speed, Ventilation Interval, and Timer On/Off Control with temperature, humidity, and CO2 readouts +C02 control and monitoring, including Open/Close Regulator Control, Safety Level Sensor, and Alarm Notifications. +Moisture Meter/Sensor Integration for Soil or Other Non-Nutritive Substrates +Nutrient dosing by timer or conductivity. PH and Nutrient Monitoring, Control Temperature Readouts. +Light Controls with Timer or On/Off Scheduling, Light Height Motor Controls, Light Sensor Readouts, and Metering

Why Work With Craft Automation

Craft Automation stands out for our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Here’s why you should choose us:

industry expertise.png

Industry Expertise

We specialize in the food and beverage sector, with deep knowledge of brewing, distilling, and other processes.
customized solutions.png

Customized Solutions

Our automation solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.


We use only industrial-grade parts and components, ensuring durable and dependable systems.


We continually develop advanced control solutions to stay ahead of industry trends.
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Customer Focus

We prioritize understanding your business and providing personalized support to help you achieve your production goals.

What Clients Say

If you are looking for the industry leader in intuitive programming and controls for your production needs, look no further. We have worked with Craft Automation, and between the complete support system in the USA and proactive programming, this company is always our primary choice for automation, cellar controls, and panels.
- HG Tanks

How Craft Automation Helped Its Clients

Craft Automation provided Watermark Brewing Co. with a comprehensive brewhouse control system to support their expanding operations. By integrating data logging, alert notifications, and one-on-one tech support, Craft Automation ensured consistent product quality, minimized downtime, and offered reliable service. This helped Watermark Brewing maintain high standards and grow their customer base in the competitive craft beer market.

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At Craft Automation, we are dedicated to providing top-notch service and support. Whether you have a question about our solutions, need assistance with a project, or just want to learn more about how we can help your business, feel free to reach out.

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