We know how vital accurate measurement of raw materials is in the brewing process. Our Malt Handling Control System is designed to provide centralized operation for all your malt handling needs. Reduce labor and material costs by easing some of the laborious tasks allowing for easier monitoring and control of your mill. Improved process efficiency by automating standard processes is just one of the benefits Craft Automation systems provide.

Compatible with multiple weighing devices including flowscales, loadcells and weigh hoppers the system also offers advantages like inventory tracking, programmable mill gap control, recipe control for crush and flowrate as well as a variety of additional customization options to fit your personalized process. Advanced features like mobile control, email and text notifications, alarm logs and continuous data tracking keep you connected to all the moving pieces of your milling process through one digital touchscreen. Take your entire brewing process to the next level with our Brewhouse and Cellar Controls!

*Each Craft Automation system is uniquely engineered to exceed the requirements of our customer’s and can be customized to fit any process.  With our technology, the possibilities of your control are entirely up to your imagination.  Let us know how we can help improve your process through our automation solutions!

Malt Handling Home Screen

Our Malt Handling Controls provide you process automation for Motor and VFD Assemblies through complete system control and monitoring at your fingertips! The 12.1" full color, bold touchscreen user interface allows for easy overview. Showcase your brewery logo on the home screen.

1.Malt Handling Touchscreen_Homescreen.jpeg

Remote control & monitoring

Malt Handling Remote Access.png

Control and monitor your process remotely through any network connected tablet, computer, phone, or other browser-enabled mobile devices. Imagine the possibilities of being in complete control of your operation without being tied down to the brewery!

Silo & Bag Stand Monitoring

Measure and track the amount of material in your silo or bag stand through our flowscale or loadcell automation. Control motor speeds and track inventory through weight and customizable name tags. Have multiple silos? The Craft Malt Handling System can be engineered to pull and track grain from multiple storage units while monitoring different grain varieties and volume.

2.A_Malt Handling Touchscreen_Dry Silo.jpg
2.B_Malt Handling Touchscreen_Bag Stand.jpeg


Our Flowscale Metering Unit measures material's flowrate by weight from bulk storage to the mill via chain conveyor systems and flex augers. Control start, stop and malt delivery rate as it flows. Pair with a batching system and inventory tracking.


The Loadcell Communication interface works with up to four mounted or suspended loadcells per silo or bag stand, interfacing weight (gross/net/peak), semi-auto zone and error status.

5.A_Malt Handling Touchscreen_Flowscale.jpg
5.B_Malt Handling Touchscreen_Loadcell.jpg


Appropriate and controlled milling is the basis of efficient and effective brewing. Control your feed roller, mill roller and mill discharge rate with the push of a button. Precision motor speed control and programmable mill gap control provide consistent mill crush and increase extraction efficiency. Recipe controls for crush and flowrate help ensure a consistent, quality product. Speed and runtime are easily visible, and accessible graphical trending data shows you your motor process from start to finish.

6.Malt Handling Touchscreen_Motor Data.jpg
3.Malt Handling Touchscreen_Mill Assembly copy.jpg
4.Malt Handling Touchscreen_Grist Case.jpeg

gRIst Case

Relax your milling schedule and start your brew by ensuring you get exactly the product you need before mash-in. Track the inventory of your leg mounted or suspended Grist Case as well as the speed at which it flows to the mash tun.

User Preferences

Configure email alert notifications for Power Loss, Communication Loss, Emergency Stop and Safety Device activation, VFD fault, Overload, Flowscale Error, Loadcell Assembly Error, Enclosure Pressure Loss and OverAmp situations.

Wonder what went wrong? Look to the Alarm Log for detailed summary of faults and times. Still can't figure it out? Contact the nerdy techs at Craft Automation who are always happy to help!

Brewhouse Touchscreen_User Preferences iPad.png

Email and Text Alerts

We’ll constantly keep you informed of any alerts through email and text notifications. Have peace of mind knowing our system is there to protect your product and alert you in the event of any trouble.


Battery Backup Keeps You Connected

Craft Automation offers a solution to keep you connected through any situation, even a facility wide power failure. Our battery backup option allows the Malt Handling Control System to instantly send you a power loss notification and continue monitoring for alerts.

Installation Concerns?

Don’t worry! Our cellar management system is specifically designed to be an easy drop in installation for any setup.  We’ll tailor your system to incorporate what you already have in an effort to keep cost and labor low.