Set it and forget it!

The Craft Automation Advanced Cellar Control system features custom fermentation recipe scheduling. Brewers are able to input multi-stage commands to hold set temperatures of different parts of the fermentation vessels at their setpoint. The stage timer advances through the recipe or stages can be manually advanced by the brewer. Our recipe system can store up to 50 custom recipes, each with up to 6 stages. New recipes are easy to add, and existing recipes are easily editable.

As with other features of our Advanced Cellar Control touchscreen system, the integrated web server provides mobile control so you can set up recipes through your computer, tablet, phone or other network-connected devices. Imagine the possibilities of being in complete control of your operation without being tied down to the cellar.

Ask about the potential for integrating Cellar and Brewhouse Controls into one easy to use system!

*Each Craft Automation system is custom engineered to exceed the requirements of our customer’s process.  With our technology, the possibilities of your control are entirely up to your imagination.  Let us know how we can help improve your process through our automation solutions!


The recipe scheduling home screen provides complete system control and monitoring at your fingertips! View up to 5 cellars with a capacity of 8 vessels each. The 12.1" full color, bold touchscreen user interface allows for a comprehensive overview of current processes as well as easy access to data logs. Showcase your brewery logo on the home screen.

Recipe Screenshot_Home.jpeg

Remote control & monitoring

Recipe Screenshot_User Preferences_iPad.png

Control and monitor your fermentation process remotely through any network connected tablet, computer, phone, or other browser-enabled mobile devices within the network.


Create new recipes or edit existing formulas altogether based on their associated number in the Recipe Manager screen. Customize the name, set temperature and set-time for each stage of your fermentation process. Once you've inputted your recipe, start/stop the recipe and set stages on/off in the Vessel Recipe Input screen. Customizing each brew to your specific needs is as easy as the touch of a button.

Recipe Screenshot_Recipe Manager.jpeg
Recipe Vessel Manager.jpg

User Preferences

Recipe Screenshot_User Preferences.jpeg

The Advanced Cellar Control email alert notifications that come standard with the rest of your system will also inform you if anything is out of spec with your programmed recipes and fermentation schedule.

Wonder what went wrong? Look to the Alarm Log for a detailed summary of faults and times. Still can't figure it out? Contact the nerdy techs at Craft Automation who are always happy to help!

Email and Text Alerts

Craft Automation's integrated web server notifications continuously keep you informed of any alerts through email and text notifications. Have peace of mind knowing our system is there to protect your product and alert you in the event of any trouble.

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Battery Backup Keeps You Connected

Craft Automation offers a solution to keep you connected through any situation, even a facility-wide power failure. Our battery backup option allows the Cellar Control System to instantly send you a power loss notification and continue monitoring for alerts.

Installation Concerns?

Don’t worry! Our process automation systems are specifically designed to be an easy drop-in installation for any setup.  We’ll tailor your system to incorporate what you already have in an effort to keep cost and labor low.