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Manual Brewhouse Controller


Manual, Semi-Automated & Fully-Automated Solutions

Craft Automation

Manual Control Panel

Mash in, copper up, and knock out with ease whether you have a 3-barrel system or 100-barrel system. Craft Automation solutions help you create a more consistent product and cut down unnecessary labor costs. We can customize a unique controller tailored to your specific equipment and process. Looking for grain to glass automation? Ask about Grain Handling, Keg Washing, CIP, and Fermentation Control integration. 

Automated Brewhouse Controller

Automated Control Panel


  • Pump and Rake Speed Control

  • Temperature and Flow Monitoring

  • Automatic Boil Control

  • Mixing Station Integration and Control

  • Automated Mixing Station Control

  • Automatic Lauter Flow Functionality

  • Level and Volume Readout

  • Automatic Knockout Control

  • Recipe Integration and Recording

  • Basic Cellar Control Integration Option

  • Additional Customization Options Available

Automated Brewhouse Touchscreen Overview

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