Let Craft Automation simplify your brewing process. Our automation system connects all the moving pieces of your brew house into one touchscreen control panel. Save time, money, and energy while increasing production. For more details, read the additional content below! 

Super Deluxe Brewhouse Control COMES STANDARD WITH:

  • Remote Access and Control from any Network Connected Tablet, Computer, Phone, or Other Browser Enabled Mobile Device

  • Global Access and Control from any Browser Enabled Device via Customer Provided VPN or our TuuHop Remote Access Device

  • Alarm Logs and Continuous Data Tracking

  • Email and Text Notifications

  • Craft Industry Tested Brewing Software

  • 12" Full Color Touchscreen Display

  • High Visibility Fault Notification

  • cUL 508a Certification

  • Corrosion Resistant Watertight Enclosure

  • Industry Required Safety Hardware


  • Pump and Rake Speed Control

  • Temperature and Flow Monitoring

  • Automatic Boil Control

  • Mixing Station Integration and Control

  • Automated Mixing Station Control

  • Automatic Lauter Flow Functionality

  • Level and Volume Readout

  • Automatic Knockout Control

  • Recipe Integration and Recording

  • Basic Cellar Control Integration Option

  • Additional Customization Options Available!



Get Global Access with our TuuHop Remote Access Device!

“Connect to any Network Device Anywhere, Anytime!”

The TuuHop Remote Access Device allows authorized users direct connectivity to any device on their network using cutting-edge software-defined networking protocols. Integrated features provide the ability to securely manage, download, upload, and/or troubleshoot any device from around the world as though you were physically on-site. Imagine the potential cost savings by eliminating unnecessary travel, security threats, and machine downtime from your bottom line!