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Material Handling Controls

Manual, Semi-Automated & Fully-Automated Solutions

Successful material handling requires precision logistics for any manufacturing or production project. The movement, storage, and control of the material handling process are key in maneuvering products throughout a supply chain in any facility. Ensuring the convenient and efficient moving of goods throughout a facility means not only a fluid operation but also fewer concerns of product quality maintenance, safety, and labor costs. The controlled, monitored and effective flow of materials between production systems is integral for quality control, efficiency, and structure. Craft Automation's material handling controls can help you and your company efficiently transport materials while ensuring end-product quality as well as safety.


  • Simultaneous Single or Multiple Unit Load and Handling

  • Scheduled Processes for Decreased Handling Costs, Product Damage and Loading/Unloading Times

  • Programmable Input for Unit Weight, Size and Type Configurations

  • Unit Measurement and Configuration for Warehousing and Transportation

  • Calculated Handling, Transportation and Storage Logistics

  • Alarm Logs and Notifications for Reduction in Material Damage and Quality Control

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