Hours of dreaming, sourcing, mashing, and crafting are done and your perfectly well-balanced beer creation is near completion. Now the only thing that stands between your masterpiece and consumers is fermentation. For more details, read the additional content below! 

The super deluxe model

  • Remote Access and Control from any Network Connected Tablet, Computer, Phone, or Other Browser Enabled Mobile Device

  • Global Access and Control from any Browser Enabled Device via Customer Provided VPN

  • Alarm Logs and Continuous Data Tracking with Easy to read Graphical Trending Data Chart Logs

  • Email and Text Notifications for Power Failure, OverTemp, and UnderTemp

  • Craft Industry Tested Fermentation Software and Hardware

  • 12" Full Color Touchscreen Display

  • High Visibility Fault Notification

  • cUL 508a Certification

  • Corrosion Resistant Watertight Enclosure

  • Industry Required Safety Hardware


  • Automated Temperature Control and Scheduling with Easily Adjustable Setpoints for User Defined Temperature, Date, and Time

  • Automated Crash/Rise Control and Scheduling for Crash Cooling, Temperature Rise and Transition Control

  • Automated Multi-Stage Fermentation Recipe Control for up to 48 Recipes with Multi-Stage Commands to Hold and Set Fermentation Temperature Sequences

  • Vessel Status Tags for Tank Identification, Tank Status Communication, Process Notes, etc.

  • Monitoring and Control of Glycol Chiller System

  • Pressure, Gravity, pH, and Carb Monitoring Capabilities

  • Easily Expandable for Continued Growth

  • Additional Customization Options Available!



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