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advanced Cellar controls

8, 16, 24, 36 & 40 Vessel Solutions

Craft Automation has simplified the temperature control, monitoring, and scheduling of the fermentation process. Easy to read tank status and settings for automated temperature scheduling offer the capability to maintain up to 60 customizable zones of temperature control. Monitor and program each of your fermentation tanks individually. Utilize the fermentation recipe scheduling feature to input multi-stage temperature setpoint commands. Be alerted of any issues that arise, such as for Power Loss, OverTemp, UnderTemp, and Chiller Failure. For more control of your process, we can integrate your Grain Handling and Brewhouse systems. Additional customization options, such as glycol and pressure monitoring, are also available to fit your personalized process. 


  • Automated Temperature Control and Scheduling

  • Easily Adjustable Setpoints for User Defined Temperature, Date, and Time

  • Automated Crash/Rise Control and Scheduling for Transition Control

  • Vessel Status Tags for Tank Identification, Tank Status, Process Notes, etc.

  • Automated Multi-Stage Fermentation Recipe Control for up to 48 Recipes

  • Multi-Stage Commands to Hold and Set Fermentation Temperature Sequences

  • Monitoring and Control of Glycol Chiller System

  • Pressure Monitoring Capabilities

  • Power On/Power Off Valve Integration

  • 24VDC or 24VAC Solenoid Output Integration

  • Additional Customization Options Available

Automated Controller Touchscreen Overview

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