The Dynamic Distillery Controller contains everything you need to run the distilling process and achieve the perfect run.  Our automated packages allow for you to consistently create the product you imagine and that your customers deserve.

The Super Deluxe Model

  • Remote Access and Control from any Network Connected Tablet, Computer, Phone, or Other Browser Enabled Mobile Device

  • Global Access and Control from any Browser Enabled Device via Customer Provided VPN

  • Alarm Logs and Continuous Data Tracking

  • Email and Text Notifications

  • Craft Industry Tested Distilling Software

  • 12" Full-Color Touchscreen Display

  • High Visibility Fault Notification

  • cUL 508a Certification

  • Corrosion Resistant Watertight Enclosure

  • Industry Required Safety Hardware


  • Precision Vapor Temperature Heating Control for a quick and quality run

  • Integrated SSR design with infinite control between 0 and 100% for precise process control

  • Variable Motor Speed Control 

  • Temperature and Flow Monitoring Capabilities for Data Logging and Process Control

  • Automated Valve Control for process transfers and no hassle operation

  • Deflag Monitoring and Control for accurate distillate temperature

  • Level and Volume Readout

  • Recipe Integration and Recording

  • Additional Customization Options Available!