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Craft Automation
Advanced Cellar Controls

cIP Controls

Manual, Semi-Automated & Fully-Automated Solutions

When it comes to production of any sort, quality control is key. This is especially imperative in any consumer-based industry involving organic materials. The ability to create, maintain, and distribute a sustainable and quality product that you can stand behind starts with the establishment and guarantee of a clean and sterile environment and equipment. Even seasoned experts can still fall victim to human error. With automation solutions overseeing your cleaning processes, you can rest easier knowing that a controlled measure is in place to ensure that a reliable and repeatable outcome is integrated into your facility.


  • CIP and Dosing Recipes for Consistent Cleaning and Dosing

  • Integrated Safety Relays for Redundant Safety Operation

  • Water Flow Monitoring, Display and Logging

  • Supply Pump Speed Control

  • Tank Level Sensor Monitoring and Pump Shutoff Control

  • Conductivity Sensor Integration, Monitoring, Display, and Logging for Dosing Control

  • Automated Temperature Based Heater Control with HighTemp Safety Shutoff

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