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gRAIN haNDLING Controls

Manual, Semi-Automated & Fully Automated Solutions for

Load Cell, Flow Scale & Weigh Hopper Systems Integration

Manual Control Panel

Stop lugging around heavy sacks and fighting with scales. Let Craft Automation simplify your process by automating your grain handling equipment. Our control panel connects all the moving pieces of your breweries into one digital touchscreen. 

Accurate measurement of raw materials is vital in any application process, so we've created a centralized operation for all your grain handling needs. The system offers advantages like inventory tracking, programmable mill gap control, and recipe control for crush and flowrate. For multiple silos, we engineer the system to pull and track grain from numerous storage units while monitoring different grain varieties and volumes. The Grain Handling System can integrate with our Brewhouse and Fermentation Control systems. Additional customization options are also available to fit your personalized process. 

Automated Malt Handling Controls 2.png


  • Inventory Tracking

  • Central Operation for Multiple Weighing Devices

  • Flowscale, Loadcell, and Weigh Hopper Compatible

  • Programmable Mill Gap Control

  • Single Button Process Automation

  • Recipe Control for Crush and Flowrate

Automated Control Panel

Automated Controls Touchscreen Overview

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