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Keg Washer Controls

Manual, Semi-Automated & Fully-Automated Solutions

Craft Automation

There's no job or process too small to benefit from the potential and capabilities of automation. Keg washing can be a tedious, labor-intensive process. And without proper supervision and attention, simple human error can be disastrous. With sanitation processes like this regulated and thorough process control and supervision are imperative. Both for the benefit of providing a clean and stable environment for the storage of your liquid as well as providing the consumer with a reliable product. Through custom-tailored process automation Craft can create a controls unit that can repeatedly and deliberately provide the same results and even alert you of any faults or issues. Providing safe and reliable functionality for you and your product.


  • Water and Sanitizer Flow, Pressure, and Measurement Control

  • CO2 and Compressed Air Pressure Measurement and Control

  • Cycle Process Point and Completion Notifications

  • Customizable Cycle Lengths and Process Scheduling

  • Solenoid Control and Sequence Testing

  • Fault Notification and Alarm Relay Notification

  • Emergency Stop Button Safety Integration

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